Voluntary English Course

Why volunteer with us?

Take on a new challenge and volunteer with NGO “Shpresa e Jetës”
We are looking for skilled individuals who can support our community education projects.

English Course- is thought to be realized with an English speaking person (could be student), and which is able to do an English course for a vulnerable group of children. The person must have good communication skills and desire to work with children.
The reality in Kosovo has pushed us to undertake this activity, because Kosovo is a new state and still many processes are not settled as should. The process of education requires literature for secondary and tertiary education levels which our country lacks in Albanian language. Students should be very good prepared in English so they can continue their studies. This activity will help our beneficiaries become prepared for studying, researches and workshops delivered from English speakers sources in order to gain new abilities.
The English language is one of the main requirements of local employers and international ones. This skill is required and will help to have higher chances to get employed when ready for their future job.
From Prishtina, children that will participate will be students from grades 6-9 from two schools “Pavarësia” and “Hasan Prishtina”.
From Viti (Village of Letnica), children that will participate will be students, grades 6-12. This group of children live in a deep rural area and almost isolated from Vitia city; they get very low quality of education even in Albanian, the English language by school is not offered as likely as it should be.
During first semester we will start with one group and with beginner level, the course will be developed two times per week.
This course will contain:
– Basic English
– Grammar
– Practice
– Introduction of new vocabulary
– plays, songs

When & for how long can I volunteer?

You can volunteer for any length of time at most times throughout the year. We highly recommend a stay with us for a school semester.
Schedule will be twice per week and will be compatibility with the opportunity of volunteer.
Contact us to discuss dates of availability if you need.

How do I apply?

• Please send us curriculum to the address below shpresa_jetes@hotmail.com
• If your application is accepted you’ll be invited for a short informal interview. This will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions too.
• Successful applicants will be contacted
• We will sign a volunteer agreement

I still have questions, who can I contact?

Bernardete Palucaj Lekaj
Coordinator of SAD Project

Catholic Church str. Imzot Nikë Prela, Konvikti i Vajzave, No. 60
Ulpiane, Prishtinë, Kosovë email: shpresa_jetes@hotmail.com
facebook: Shpresa e Jetes www.shpresajetes.org
Office: ++381 38542 241
Mobile: ++377 45 424 930, ++37744395557
Skype: shpresa_jetes