Project Distance Support

In 2014 we realized project Distance Support funded by AVSI Foundation an international non-govern- Organization. Project supported 340 direct and 316 beneficiaries indirectly.

The project is an educational social project. This project was realized in 7 schools and in a Multiethnic Center, in four cities of Kosovo, Pristina, Peja, Viti and Gjakova.

Through this project in Gjakova are supported schools:”Emin Duraku”, “Mustafa Bakia” and “Ahmet Rrustemi” and Multiethnic Center “Ganimete Terbeshi”. In the municipality of Peja, school “Xhemajl Kada”, in the Municipality of Pristina school “Hasan Prishtina” and “Pavaresia” and in Viti school “Dom Mikel Tarabulluzi”.

Activities implemented during the year were two preschool in Peja and Gjakova, school support in all schools and also different recreational activities in: music, art, theater and sports.

Also through this project all direct beneficiaries are provided with school material needed to develop educational activities, medical visits and medicaments for children and youth with disabled skills.

The project has supported the most sensitive field in Kosovo society, ranging from Rom Ashkali Egyptian minorities, girls and children and youth with visual disabilities.

Art Activities

Preschool activities

School support activities